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                动词prove verify bear outdemonstrateconfirm

                          validatetestify certify






      prove  “证明”,普通用词,泛指有充分的、可靠的事实证明某一观点或结论是正确的。可用作及物动词,后接宾语或宾语从句。


1) Galileo proved the law of falling objects to the world from the leaning tower in Pizza.


2) The data obtained clearly proves that the proposed method is far better than the traditional one.



        verify  “证明”、“证实”、“核实”。多指通过实验、论证,查核证实某事的是对的,也可表示“查证”、“核实”某事的真实性。


 1)Physical and chemical tests verify that the device has neither radioactive pollution nor toxic side effects.


        2)Ask for the guests' name if not known and verify the guests' information in the computer.



 bear out “证明”、“证实”。该动词短语用法相当于同prove、verify。


 1) We will not make a decision before all the facts we mentioned have been borne out



 2) It seemed to bear out Hemingway's own gloomy maxim about America.



 demonstrate “证明”、“证实”。指用充分有力、无可辩驳事实或证据证明某事, 语气较强。


 1) The success of Olympic Games demonstrated that people of different nations and cultures can work together peacefully.


 2) The researchers say this is the first study to demonstrate a link between midlife belly fat and the risk of dementia.



        confirm “(进一步)证实”、“确定”。指对已有的观点、说法、预测、猜疑等予以证实或确证。


 1) Many scientists have predicted that the atmosphere is becoming warmer and warmer, but so far not enough evidence has produced to confirm the prediction.


        2) Instead of replying to our inquiry about the truth of the fact, he asked to resign, which confirmed our suspicion on him.


 3) You had better confirm your reservation for the hotel before your departure to the city.



        validate “验证”,“使…证实”。形容词valid可指理论、观点、说法“站得住脚的”、“正确的”,因此validate常用于证明理论、观点、说法的正确性或站得住脚。


 1) Can you validate your views against economic growth?


        2) Many people reported the witness of UFO, but none of them have been validated as yet.



         testify “作证”。多指以事实口头为某人或某事作证,也可指在法庭上为当事人的提供证词。该词也可用于指一般的证明,接宾语时常用testify to。


 1) He testified to having seen the man leaving the building at the time of the murder being committed.


 2) Can you testify the man’s statement that he was not at the scene of the crime?



        certify “证明”。指用合法的证书、证件或带签名盖章的证明、权威性或人格来证实某事的可靠性和真实性,含“担保”“保证”之意。


1) I won’t buy such an expensive painting until it is certified by an expert.


       2) I certify that all the information given in this application is true and accurate.



       prove (to be)

      turn out (to be)

      It turns out that ………


 prove  可用作系动词,后接“to be + 形容词或名词”,to be 可省略,意为“证明是”。


       1) The task seemed to be easy but proved to be difficult.


       2) I imagine that it would prove (to be) a very easy task.



 turn out  用法与系动词prove相同,表示“证明是”、“结果是”、“原来是”的意思。这一短语可以转化成句型 “It turns out that ……..”。


       1) The person I spoke to turned out to be our new teacher.

     It turned out that the person I spoke to was our new teacher.


2) Though it looked like rain this morning, it has turned out to be a fine day.


     3) We place high expectation on the new method, but it turned out that it does not work well.